SimplyCast: Customer Flow Communication Platform

simplycast automation

The SimplyCast 360 Automation Manager combines 15 channel outputs into a single platform, enabling marekters to build automated marketing campaigns and communication flows. Their solution allows you to reach the right people at the right time via their preferred mode of communication. Engage with customers and prospects based on stored data, their interests, and their past interactions with your organization to increase your return on investment.

The SimplyCast marketing automation solution allows you to set up your campaigns like a flow chart, allowing you to reach and engage with your prospects and customers through multiple channels:

  • Customer Relationship Management – Know exactly who your hot leads are and how to appeal to their needs.
  • Email Marketing – Create, send and track email marketing campaigns.
  • List Manager – Create, save & segment your contact lists with unlimited storage capacity.
  • Form Builder – Create online forms with the easiest product on the market. No HTML knowledge required.
  • Landing Pages – A quick and easy way to create multiple landing pages in order to track what page works best.
  • Online Surveys – Create and send online surveys that draw user feedback in minutes.
  • Link Tracking – Easily track click-throughs and open rates to help determine what marketing is working best.
  • Autoresponder – Build strong and immediate relationships with their automated follow-up solution.
  • Blacklist Monitor – Don’t take a chance on your marketing infrastructure and reputation. Start monitoring your IP today.
  • Fax Marketing – Send fax blasts to thousands of organizations without the hassle. Ideal for targeting local businesses.
  • Event Management – event campaigns with tools to maximize attendance.
  • Voice Broadcasting – Automatically broadcast recorded voice messages to inform and remind your customers.
  • Text Marketing – connect with your customers by putting your message right in their hands.
  • Social Marketing – integrate with the most popular social networks today, including Facebook and Twitter.

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