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If commerce is driven by words, global commerce is fueled by translation. Buttons, shopping carts, and romance copy. Websites, emails, and forms must be translated into different languages in order for a brand to go global and reach new audiences.

This takes teams of people carefully managing each distribution channel for source content; and it is cost prohibitive for teams to address each supported language. Enter: Smartling, a translation management system and language services provider empowering brands with the tools to localize content across devices and platforms. Smartling’s Enterprise Translation Cloud, a data-driven approach to localization, allows its customers to achieve translations of the highest quality at a lower total cost. 

Smartling is the translation platform of choice for hundreds of brands, including Hootsuite, InterContinental Hotels Group, Sprout Social, GoPro, Shopify, NextDoor, Slack, and SurveyMonkey.

What Makes Smartling Different?

  • Data-driven localization – Smartling not only presents customers with real-time data about their translation process, but it also is smart enough to make decisions for them.
  • Automation – Developers aren’t available but the translations have to get done. Smartling seamlessly connects to clients’ CMS, code repository, and marketing automation tools to reduce the burden of localization.
  • Visual context – Translators have to see the words in context in order to deliver high quality work. Without it, the end-user experience suffers. Smartling’s translation interface enables any translator to understand the project at hand.

Smartling Machine Translation (MT)

Not every job requires a human translator. When it comes to translating words at scale, machine translation is the fastest and least expensive option. Smartling connects with the most powerful and modern MT engines, including Amazon Translate, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Watson Language Translator, and more, to help users find the right MT service for their specific needs. Smartling also leverages neural machine translation to adapt content translations to each brand’s unique voice and tone over time.

smartling translation dashboard

Smartling Language Services

Smartling’s Translation Services translates more than 318 million words each year from 150 language pairs. The company helps refine the customer journey across 50 different business verticals. Smartling employs a rigorous vetting process, with only 5% of applicants making it through, ensuring the company leverages only the best translators around the world. Or, if you have your own translators, you can easily add them to the Smartling platform and into your translation workflows.

By taking a holistic approach to cost-savings, Smartling’s Language Services go well beyond competitive per-word rates, offering custom-built translation programs with no project minimums, and the most comprehensive array of translation options that can reduce translation spend by up to 50%.

Smartling Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT)

The actual translation process happens right inside Smartling, with a built-in Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tool. With Smartling’s CAT, Visual Context is always provided to translators, enabling translators to understand exactly what content they are translating, and how their words fit within that context. Once the translation itself is complete, translators can quickly move to the next task thanks to automatic routing.

smartling translation workflow

Smartling also works to make the job of human translators as simple as possible as well, thanks to:

  • Visual Context – Translators can preview their work live, on any format
  • Real-time Translation Memory
  • Version Control – Only newly uploaded content is surfaced for translations, while old content is translated from Smartling’s memory
  • Brand Assets – Resources for tone and brand guidelines
  • Integrated Quality Checks – Real-time quality checks help save time proofreading
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Save time on every action
  • Merge Strings – Consolidate segments with just one keystroke
  • Flexible Tag Handling – Utilizes machine learning to place tags accurately
  • Automatic Routing – Smartling keeps content moving, and automatically routes a completed translation to the next step

Smartling Integrations

By directly integrating with existing processes and tools — for example, uploading content to a CMS — Smartling enables users to automate the entire process around the actual translation. Smartling is capable of integrating with just about any platform or tool that your brand is already leveraging:

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Contentful
  • Drupal
  • Sitecore
  • WordPress
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Oracle Eloqua

The leader in cloud translation, Smartling captures each activity related to the translation process, synthesizing them into actionable data customers use to drive innovation within their businesses. Thanks to Visual Context and a robust list of automation features, customers realize cost-effective translations of the highest quality, in less time.

Move the World with Words

This year, Smartling debuted a new marketing campaign called Move the World with Words. This started with the idea that there are people behind everything the company does for customers: translators. So the team employed a photographer who set off on a worldwide trip to document the lives and stories of 12 Smartling translators who live all over the world. The stories come to life in the Move the World with Words coffee table book available now.

Companies seeking growth and global success continue to take great interest in our offering. Not only are our new customers points of pride, but such a significant rise in NPS means just as much as it shows our current customers are having the best possible Smartling experience. It tells us that we fulfill our promises to customers when it comes to providing an excellent localization experience with innovative translation technology and translators who our customers know and become an extension of their team. We wouldn’t exist without either.

Smartling co-founder and CEO, Jack Welde

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