Does Your Business follow Social Media Etiquette Best Practices?

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Social media etiquette… the expression makes me squirm. It seems there's always someone trying to apply a set of rules to everything nowadays and I can't stand it. Of course there are unacceptable behaviors online and offline… but the beauty of the platform is that whether or not you follow the so-called rules, you'll see the results.

Here's an example… I follow a large email service provider on Twitter and they've twice DM'd me with a big fat advertisement for an upcoming conference. I didn't expect the advertisement nor did I give permission to be advertised to, so it could be argued that they SPAMMED me – sort of ironic. Some folks may have screamed bloody murder that a company whose foundation was based on permission-based marketing just stuck something in everyone's Twitter inbox that they didn't ask for. I didn't complain, I just ignored the advertisement.

And then I wondered… did it work? If the company in question was able to convert some followers by pushing this SPAM and the result was no complaints nor folks unfollowing, did it hurt anything? That's the problem with etiquette, it applies a set of rules that haven't been agreed on by anyone to manage a problem that may not exist. I don't follow etiquette rules, nor will I ever. I follow my own set of rules and people can happily follow me or unfollow me as they wish (and quite a few of them do!).

This infographic from TollFreeForwarding lays out each social platform and the etiquette that goes along with each. Whether you need to wrangle in your hashtags Twitter and Instagram or fix your sources on Pinterest, follow these rules and you’ll find yourself with a happy, satisfied social following!

Not conforming to the rules of social media etiquette can provide a business with more exposure and, perhaps, better results. What do you think?


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    Ya well that was fun getting through your infographics and as well as very much informative!!
    And I would like to thank you for sharing the post with us!!

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