Spoutable: Native Ads for Departing Visitors

spoutable native advertising

If you're a publisher, monetization of your audience is always a challenge – especially if you're on an information site. Display advertising notoriously underperforms when compared to other ad methods, so publishers lose out to highly targeted ads run on search and social. Native advertising has arrived as a means to drive revenue for publishers – but I've written before that it can come at a cost to the brand's credibility.

Spoutable may have the ideal solution – and we've been testing it right here on Martech Zone. Along with ads that run within content (which could be icky), they offer an exit intent solution that's quite nice.  When someone is preparing to leave your site, a beautiful over-lay panel appears that offers some options to the user. On our site, the panel generates eight articles that are curated towards our audience.


Spoutable offers an array of other locations that work both on desktop and mobile:


I really like this solution because it's not interrupting an engaged user that's enjoying our site. It's only displayed to a user who was already exiting the site. Both advertisers and publishers can monitor their spend in real-time.

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Disclosure: We're an affiliate of Spoutable.



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