Social Media Image Dimension Guide for 2020

Social Media Image Sizes Cheatsheet 2020

It seems every week that a social network is changing layouts and requiring new dimensions for their profile photos, the background canvas, and images that are shared on the networks. Limitations for social images are a combination of dimension, image size – and even the amount of text that’s displayed within the image.

I would caution against uploading oversized images to social media sites. They use aggressive image compression that often leaves your images blurry. If you can upload a great image and compress the image with a service before uploading it, you’ll get much crisper results!

If you’re a designer, keep this infographic handy… and prepare for changes often. 

Facebook Image, Video and Ad Image Sizes

Facebook Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Profile Image 180 x 180
Cover Photo 820 x 312
Shared Images 1200 x 630
Shared Link Preview 1200 x 628
Highlighted Image 1200 x 717
Event Image 1920 x 1080
Business Page Profile 180 x 180

LinkedIn Image Sizes

LinkedIn Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Profile Image 400 x 400 (200 x 200 minimum to 20,000 x 20,000 maximum)
Personal Background Image 1584 x 396
Company Page Logo 300 x 300
Company Page Background Image 1536 x 768
Company Page Hero Image 1128 x 376
Company Page Banner 646 x 220

Youtube Image and Video Sizes

Youtube Media Size in Pixels (Height x Size in Pixels (Width x Height)Width)
Channel Profile Image 800 x 800
Channel Cover Photo 2560 x 1440
Video Uploads 1280 x 720

Instagram Image and Video Sizes

Instagram Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Profile Image 110 x 110
Photo Thumbnail Images 161 x 161
Photo Size 1080 x 1080
Instagram Stories 1080 x 1920

Twitter Image Sizes

Twitter Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Profile Photo 400 x 400
Header Photo 1500 x 500
In-Stream Photo 440 x 220

Pinterest Image Sizes

Pinterest Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Profile Image 165 x 165
Board Display 222 x 150
Board Thumbnail 50 x 50
Pin Image Sizes 236 x [Variable Height]

Tumblr Image Sizes

Tumblr Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Profile Image 128 x 128
Post Image 500 x 750

Ello Image Sizes

Ello Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Profile Image 360 x 360
Banner Image 2560 x 1440

WeChat Image Sizes

Weibo Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Profile Photo 200 x 200
Article Preview Header 900 x 500 (Displays 360 x 200)
Article Preview Thumbnail 400 x 400 (Displays 200 x 200)
Article Inline Image 400 x [Variable Height]

Weibo Image Sizes

Weibo Media Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Cover Image 920 x 300
Profile Pictures 200 x 200 (Displays 100 x 100)
Banner 2560 x 1440
Instream 120 x 120
Contest Preview 640 x 640


Snapchat Size in Pixels (Width x Height)
Geofilter 1080 x 1920

The 2020 Social Media Image Sizes Guide below explains to you what the best image sizes are for each social network and the image types to use. Every major social media platform is listed on here so you’re up-to-date with social media platform optimization.

Jamie, Make A Website Hub

You would think that, by now, we’d have some standards on image sizes – especially on profiles. I’m pessimistic that the platforms will be working together anytime soon… so that means more work for you and me.

Make a Website Hub also included a print-ready PDF this year along with their Social Media Image & Video Sizes 2020 Infographic:

Download a Print-Ready PDF

social media image dimensions 2020 scaled


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    Thanks for this guide Douglas. This guide and issues one of my friend had with multiple resizing in Photoshop inspired me to make a Photoshop CC extension to take the time and pain out of making multiple sizes for social media dimensions. You can find the extension here:

    In short the extension panel will take the active layer and at the push of a button it will create covers or content photos in the dimension you mention in your article. The photos will be placed in a folder on the desktop ready for sharing on social websites. There is also 5 custom fields that allows you to resize any layer into 5 different dimensions in one go.

    As a thank you for the inspiration all your readers can use the code “MarketingTechBlog40” to get 40% discount at checkout.

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    Very informative post indeed,thank you so much Douglas, You have shared with us a simple guide which help us a lot regarding Social Media Image Dimensions.

    Keep sharing 🙂



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    Unfortunately this isn’t of great help, optimal sizes for mobile devices don’t match what’s here, posting with the recommended sizes often cuts off parts when viewed on mobile devices

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