40 Email Marketing Mistakes To Check And Avoid Before Clicking Send

There are a ton more mistakes you can do with your entire email marketing program… but this infographic focuses on the most common mistakes we make before clicking send. We’ve added a few of our own recommendations here before you ever even start building your first email. Deliverability Checks Before we begin, are we set up for failure or success? You should absolutely ensure that you configure your email marketing infrastructure properly. Dedicated IP –

YaySMTP: Send Email Via SMTP In WordPress With Microsoft 365, Live, Outlook, or Hotmail

If you’re running WordPress as your content management system, the system is typically configured to push email messages (like system messages, password reminders, etc.) through your host. However, this isn’t an advisable solution for a couple of reasons: Some hosts actually block the ability to send outbound emails from the server so that they’re not a target for hackers to add malware that sends emails. The email that comes from your server typically isn’t authenticated

How To Set Up Email Authentication with Microsoft Office (SPF, DKIM, DMARC)

We’re seeing more and more deliverability issues with clients these days and too many companies don’t have basic email authentication set up with their office email and email marketing service providers. The most recent was an ecommerce company we’re working with that sends their support messages out of Microsoft Exchange Server. This is important because the client’s customer support emails are using this mail exchange and then routed through their support ticketing system. So, it’s

How to Validate Your Email Authentication Is Set Up Correctly (DKIM, DMARC, SPF)

If you’re sending email at any type of volume, it’s an industry where you’re assumed guilty and have to prove your innocence. We work with a lot of companies assisting them with their email migration, IP warming, and deliverability issues. Most companies don’t even realize that they have a problem at all. The Invisible Problems of Deliverability There are three invisible problems with email deliverability that businesses are unaware of: Permission – Email service providers

What is Email Authentication? SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Explained

When we work with large email senders or migrate them to a new email service provider (ESP), email deliverability is paramount in researching the performance of their email marketing efforts. I’ve criticized the industry before (and I continue to) because the permission of email is on the wrong side of the equation. If internet service providers (ISPs) wish to guard your inbox from SPAM, then they should be managing the permissions to getting those emails