Don’t Put Email on the Back Burner!

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In the last Delivra guest post for Martech, Neil included a survey asking you all what some of the main obstacles were that you were facing with your email programs. One of them was the lack of time to accomplish what was wanted. I completely understand being pressed for time; there never seems to be enough hours in the day!

That being said however, I urge you to make your email program a priority. If you haven't started an email program, it's way past time to start. If you have started a program, but have been tragically neglecting it, I encourage you to make the time to evaluate and determine what areas need immediate attention. Don't put your email program on the back burner!
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  • Re-evaluate your email marketing strategy
  • Clean up lists and remove bad addresses
  • Create new and improved content
  • Update copy that focuses on engaging your audience and encourages them to act

Taking the time to focus on your email marketing program could be the difference in reaching a larger audience, re-engaging your current audience, and generating a greater ROI. With the New Year coming up, this is the perfect time to take your email marketing program off the back burner and make it a priority!

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    Fantastic post, @lavon_temple:disqus ! I can say, personally, that email has had a HUGE impact on our growth on the Marketing Technology Blog.  If I had known the impact, I would have made it such a larger priority years ago.

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