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  • Content MarketingAdd a home icon in wordpress in the nav menu with code

    Add a Home Icon to the WordPress Navigation Menu Using Code

    We love WordPress and work with it virtually every day. The navigation menu active in WordPress is incredible – a nice drag-and-drop feature that’s easy to use. Sometimes, you create a menu you wish to use throughout your theme without including the home link, though. Here’s some code adding the home link to the menu without using the menu options…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationEmail Image Retina Display HTML CSS

    How To Use High-Resolution Images for Retina Displays In Your HTML Email

    Retina display is a marketing term used by Apple to describe a high-resolution display that has a pixel density high enough that the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels at a typical viewing distance. A retina display typically has a pixel density of 300 pixels per inch (ppi) or higher, which is significantly higher than a standard display…

  • Analytics & TestingWhy is Page Speed Critical?

    Why Is Page Speed Is Critical? How to Test and Improve Yours

    Most sites lose about half of their visitors due to slow page speed. In fact, the average desktop web page bounce rate is 42%, the average mobile web page bounce rate is 58%, and the average post-click landing page bounce rate ranges from 60 to 90%. Not flattering numbers by any means, especially considering mobile usage continues to grow and it’s…

  • Artificial IntelligenceVecteezy: Free Online SVG Editor

    Vecteezy Editor: A Free SVG Editor Online

    Modern browsers are doing a great job supporting the scalable vector graphics format (SVG). If you’re wondering what that gobbledygook means, here’s a quick explanation. Let’s say you have a piece of graph paper and you want to draw a bar down the page, filling in 10 squares. You fill in each square independently with a square sticker and record…

  • Artificial Intelligencergb cmyk image formats

    A Guide to Graphic Design Jargon

    If you’re the kind of marketer that can speak jargon and strategy, you’re probably doing a great deal of work nowadays. We speak to IT folks, developers and designers… and we often have to translate between all of them! Crafted is an award-winning digital agency who developed this beautiful infographic to help folks understand color models and file formats. With…

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