How to Sell Your Domain Names

If you’re like me, you continue to pay those domain name registration fees every month but wonder if you’re ever going to use it or if anyone is going to contact you to buy it. There’s a couple problems with that, of course. First, no… you’re not going to use it. Stop kidding yourself, it’s just costing you a bunch of money every year with no return on investment whatsoever.  Second, no one knows you’re

What is a TLD? Top Level Domains Explained

If you parse any domain name, the top-level domain is the last section after the last dot. That’s the highest level within the hierarchy of a domain name. So, for, the TLD is .com. When the web was first launched in the United States, it was fairly easy to remember domain names. .com meant you were on a company’s site, .org meant that you were on a non-profit’s site, .edu meant that you were

The Gold Rush for Top Level Domains

If you’ve not heard all the noise about TLDs, you probably aren’t a billion dollar company (that’s sarcasm). Personally, I despise the fact that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has put these up for sale out of the reach of any average small business. It costs $185,000 to apply and $25,000 per year to maintain a custom TLD. This is the first time, in my opinion, the guardians of the web