20 Ways to Get Your Content Ranking Better than Your Competitor

It surprises me how much hard work companies put into a content strategy without ever looking at competing sites and pages. I don’t mean business competitors, I mean organic search competitors. Utilizing a tool likeSemrush, a company can easily do a competitive analysis between their site and a competing site to identify what terms are driving traffic to a competitor that should, instead, be leading to their site. While many of you might be thinking

What is Digital Marketing

We’ve had some similar infographics on the inbound marketing process, the inbound marketing ecosystem, the rise of inbound marketing and even an infographic on the explosive growth of inbound marketing. While inbound marketing focuses primarily on the acquisition of leads through your digital marketing efforts, this is an infographic from Pixaal, What is Digital Marketing? It’s quite a good infographic, but digital marketing has quite a few other elements – video marketing, to Call-To-Action design,

Promote your Brand at Conferences with a Laptop Skin

The first time I noticed a cool skin on a laptop, it was Jason Bean’s bnpositive logo on a skin on his laptop. It makes him stand out in a sea of laptops and is noticeable from across any conference room. I decided to go design my skin for my MacBookPro and went through some websites before I found one that was simple to use and fully customizable. The site I decided on was Skinit.