Who is Really Your Target Audience?

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target audienceOne of the fundamental misunderstandings about online media is identifying who your target audience is. Too many people focus in on whether or not their prospects are there. This week, we worked with one company who complained that his C-level prospects simply weren’t online.

I’m not going to argue whether or not that’s true. But online media is composed of many different people that can influence C-level prospects and get him in front of them. Social events offer opportunities. Networking through sites like LinkedIn get you closer. Blog posts, social mentions and followers help you to continue to surround the prospect and get your company visible.

For example, if your company is looking for startup investors and entrepreneurs, then high tech firms, IP and startup attorneys, and startup accountants are great people to get in front of. They have the relationships and provide the filter and protection to those prospects. Impress them and you’ll get in front of the person you need to.

As you work your social strategy, don’t get hung up on who the visitors are or where they are coming from, concentrate on whether those visitors are talking about you and bringing you to the prospect! A relationship with those influencers and filterers is a valuable one that you should not ignore.

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