TinEye: Reverse Image Search

Tineye Reverse Image Search

As more and more blogs and websites are published daily, a common concern is theft of images that you have purchased or created for your personal or professional use. TinEye, a reverse image search engine, gives users the ability to search a specific url for images, where you can see how many times the images were found on the web and where they were used.

If you purchased a stock image from sources like our sponsor Depositphotos, or iStockphoto or Getty Images, those images might show up with some results. However, if you have taken a photograph or created an image that is posted online, you are the owner of this image.

If you do not explicitly give the user permission to use your images or they do not attribute your photo if you posted it in places like Creative Commons, then you have the right to take legal action against those individuals.

Some of the great features of TinEye include:

  • Indexes images daily for better search results, almost 2 billion so far
  • Provides a commercial API that you can integrate with the back end of your site
  • Offers plugins for multiple browsers for convenient searching

Overall, TinEye makes it easier for individuals to protect their images and electronic property. Make sure to index images that you own or have created and report those that have been stolen.

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    Small business owners and amateur web designers often make the mistake of assuming an image is free simply because they found it on the web. It isn’t and programs like TinEye which help photographers protect them from unauthorized usage of their images, can also hurt unsuspecting small business owners unaware they are using a “rights managed image” until it is too late.

    Our solution, stick to original photos, or sources like iStock and Photos.com

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