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Transistor Podcast Hosting and Syndication

One of my clients already does a fantastic job at leveraging video throughout their site and via YouTube. With that success, they’re looking to do longer, more in-depth interviews with guests, customers, and internally to help describe the benefits of their products. Podcasting is quite a different beast when it comes to developing your strategy… and hosting it is unique as well. As I’m developing their strategy, I’m providing an overview of:

  • Audio – development of intros, outros, and calls-to-action that can be run in the podcast.
  • Visuals – development of your podcast image and episode images.
  • Content – development of a content calendar with ideas for leveraging the top questions and concerns related to their product. This includes guest recommendations and third-party research to share.
  • Hosting – podcast servers are optimized for media streaming, so selecting an easy-to-use, robust, reliable, podcast hosting platform is critical to your success. Some also offer fantastic players.
  • Syndication – Your host should have all the necessary feed customization capabilities to syndicate the podcast to distribute the content on podcast directories and native mobile platforms.
  • Analytics – Podcast analytics aggregate requests from all of your distributed sites back into the platform to show you total requests and listens.

These features are exactly why you don’t want to just use your average website hosting service to manage your podcast. Getting a great podcast hosting platform is critical… and we like Transistor!

Transistor Podcast Hosting

Transistor provides podcast hosting, syndication, and analytics for thousands of organizations, brands, and creatives around the world. The platform was started by professional podcasters who saw the opportunity to build a comprehensive platform. Here’s an overview of the platform:

Key features of the platform that we believe make it an exceptional podcast hosting platform are:

  • Unlimited Podcasts – many podcast hosts charge per show… with Transistor you can have as many shows as you’d like across any of their pricing options.
  • Private Podcasts – businesses often want to share private podcasts and Transistor lets you manage those subscribers.
  • Built-In Website – no need to build another site for your podcast, their platform has the content management system included.
  • Podcast Player – easily embed a beautiful podcast player on other sites… and they support Twitter’s ability to embed a player right in your Twitter posts.
  • Dynamic Ad Insertion – for those important calls-to-action or show sponsors.
  • Additional Team Members – have a team working on publishing your show? Add them as additional users on your account.
  • Syndication Tools – customize and syndicate your podcast with their embedded tools. They even offer 1-click submission to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podcast Addict, Breaker, Player FM.
  • Podcast Search Engines – 1-click submussion to Listen Notes and the Podcast Index.
  • Reporting – simple, aggregate reporting for all your shows, episodes that incorporate every listen.

Transistor has all your other tools provided in a beautiful user interface that’s easy to use and launch your podcast from.

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Disclosure: I’m an affiliate for Transistor and I’m using my affiliate link throughout this article.