Vimeo’s New Collaboration and Integration Tools Establish It As The Standard for Videographers

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One of our neighboring companies in the building our studio is in are some incredible cinematographers, Train 918. They specialize in bringing their gear anywhere in the world and producing epic videos. It’s not just the quality of the work they produce that’s amazing, though. They spend much of their time actually developing the storyline, converting it into scenes, then plan their projects impeccably. The results are mesmerizing… here are some samples via their Company Reel:

I met with one of the founders and was speaking to him about what tools they were utilizing to have partners collaborate or clients review their work. Joshua pointed out that Vimeo had recently expanded their toolset, providing everything they needed. The first was video review pages that enable reviewers to mark timelines with notes and chat back and forth on it. The second was an integration directly with Adobe Premiere Pro that enables direct uploads to Vimeo.

Vimeo Video Review Pages

  • Review and Collaboration Notes – Reviewers can click directly on any frame to leave a time-coded note. When you click a note, you automatically jump to the right frame.
  • Share with Unlimited Reviewers – Securely send a private review page link to anyone — even if they’re not on Vimeo.
  • Track your progress – Reply in real time, or turn notes into to-do lists to make updating your video simpler than ever before.


Vimeo Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

The Vimeo Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro allows video production technicians to simplify their editing workflow by providing a means to easily upload their video directly from the software. Vimeo PRO or Business members can create review pages from the free panel. Features include:

  • Upload Videos Instantly – Send your videos directly to your Vimeo account, choose your privacy settings as you upload, import your own custom encoding presets, and more.
  • Save Production Time – Focus on your work and simplify your workflow by uploading videos and creating review pages without leaving Premiere Pro.

Download the Vimeo Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro

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    Hey Doug, I tried to share this info in a commercial filmmaker group on Facebook, but it embeds as a video. Worse, it won’t play when you click on it. The article itself won’t link or display.

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    I couldn’t tell from your article and can’t find anything to confirm or deny on the Vimeo site, but do you know if it’s possible to allow a 3rd party the ability to provide some sort of interface to upload videos to your Vimeo account instead of uploading by the account owner?

    I guess worst case scenario you could use a file transfer service like WeTransfer to get the video file and then upload it yourself to the Vimeo account to begin the collaboration functionality.

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