5 Factors When Selecting Your Voice Over Talent for Maximum Impact

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We’ve built great relationships with several voiceover talents over the years. Amanda Fellows is one of our goto talents, as well as Paul and Joyce Poteet. Whether it was a full explainer video or a podcast intro, we know that finding the right voice over talent has had extraordinary impact on our production quality.

Paul, for instance, is synonymous with the city of Indianapolis. He’s been on radio, television, and been the voice over for several large brands in the region. Because his voice is so unique and recognizable, we try to use him as much as we can on Indianapolis-based work. He’s incredibly thorough as well, often recording a few different styles for us to choose from. Side note – he’s also just one happy, hilarious guy!

Voices.com produces an annual voice over trends report with input from over 1,000 creative professionals internationally, including producers, instructional designers, filmmakers, commercial directories, advertising exectives, and marketing professionals. They released this infographic that provides analysis on vocal styles, accents, languages, and even age markets.

Some key findings on Voice Over Marketing:

  • Localized voices are critical to engage with a market; as a result, the demand for accents is growing.
  • International demand is rising, with non-English requests growing by 60% from 2016 to 2017 as the global marketplace continues to expand.
  • Millennial and Senior market growth has had an impact on the age of voice over talent as marketers and advertisers request talent that’s the same age as their target market.

As you look to enhance your marketing and advertising efforts with voice over talent, keep in mind that natural voices are still engaging deeper with consumers than synthetic voices and the demand for female voices is growing faster than males. As you look to cast your next marketing or advertising effort, keep these factors in mind:

  1. Your voice over talent should ensure an emotional connection with your audience.
  2. Your voice over talent should match your brand.
  3. Your voice over talent should match your target audience.
  4. Your voice over talent should have personality.
  5. Your voice over should sound aspirational to the target market.

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Voice over Marketing Trends

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