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Web 2.0 for Business Presentation

I just wanted to share my presentation that I did with Sharp Minds. We had some great local companies who were looking to learn how they could deploy blogging and social media in their efforts to promote their business. Not a lot here in the presentation – most of it was me talking, along with flipping back and forth between sites and the presentation.

It is a new Powerpoint/Keynote theme that I designed, though!

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  1. 1

    Hi Doug,

    As so often, I will only comment on the form, not the content.

    On the first slide I would add a Web 2.0 effect, such as reflecting words, and the “for business” as a shining star.

    The other slides have way too much text. KISS. You want your audience to listen to you, not read from the slides a repetition of you. Simplicity is the key words.

    Like on the “History” slide, have just a plain image representing Web 1.0, and then a new slide representing Web 2.0. You explain all the details by word, not by slide.

  2. 3

    slideshare also lets you add audio to your presentation. That’s cool.

    Assuming that most people use itunes for catching podcasts; you could also distribute as am Enhanced Poldcast.

  3. 4

    One interesting note – it appears that Slideshare has some kind of caching mechanism. Sometimes my first version shows up, another time my second version does. I think I’m going to have to stop ‘updating’ and instead begin to put ‘versions’.