Website Privacy Standards

website privacy standards

Marty and I were up at the Social Media Club in Chicago held by the good folks at Edelman. The topic was Transparency in Social Media and the panelists were Tom Chernaik, CEO of, Michael Kiefer, GM at BrandProtect, Rich Sharp, SVP of Digital Health Group Edelman and Roula Amire, Managing Editor of The discussion focused on the threat and risk associated with social media and how companies could plan, protect and respond to issues. It was a great discussion and one that larger brands are tackling now… I hope that small and medium-sized businesses begin to take notice as well!

Ad advertisers develop more sophisticated online consumer tracking tools, federal agencies and consumer interest groups are pushing for stricter privacy standards. Do Not Track, the latest web tracking opt-out movement in the U.S. is gaining ground, with browsers and companies alike being pressured into providing simple opt-out technologies to keep individual’s personal information private. There is precedent in Europe already: the European ePrivacy Directive is a law that requires sites to proactively gain consent from visitors to track them. See the issues at hand, as well as the potential revenue pitfalls other impacts.

Website privacy

This infographic was released by Ensighten. Ensighten Privacy is a privacy and compliance solution that ensures your website’s consumer data collection is in full compliance with your privacy policy as well as US and international law by monitoring all your website tags. Ensighten Privacy enables sites to fully comply with Do Not Track (DNT) browser headers and UK Cookie Law opt-in provisions, as well as enabling you to offer consumers data collection opt-out or opt-in functionality on your website.

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