Without Call Tracking, Your Campaign Attribution is Growing More Inaccurate

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We have an enterprise client that has several departments within marketing… public relations, traditional media, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, content development and more. Over the last year, we know that the traffic and conversions for SEO and content has doubled because analytics is properly integrated throughout the site.

There's a huge problem, though. Their marketing department utilizes the same phone number throughout all campaigns regardless of medium. The result is that anyone who calls into the company is attributed by default to traditional media. While there's no doubt that traditional media is driving calls, the client is overestimating its impact and underestimating the impact that digital media is having because they lack call tracking.

What is Call Tracking?

Most medium to large-sized businesses have phone systems that allow multiple phone calls to be intelligently routed internal to a company. Platforms exist now where you can accurately track the campaign source of a phone call by changing the phone number for each campaign. A direct mail piece might have one phone number, a website another phone number, a television commercial yet another phone number.

Services exist that allow companies to add phone numbers specific to campaigns and utilize them to accurately track calls. These platforms have evolved and can provide even more accuracy – dynamically changing the phone number on your site based on the referral source so you're able to track search, social, email and other campaigns accurately. That service is called call tracking (more: video explanation of call tracking).

Why Utilize Call Tracking?

With over 2 billion smartphones in use worldwide, the customer journey is becoming more and more complex, with people switching between mobile, desktop, clicks and calls. Technology continues to integrate the web with mobile, as well. Many devices automatically identify phone numbers in applications and browsers and you can simply click to call them. As well, you can hyperlink a phone number within the context of the site. iPhone has released functionality that extends your smartphone to your desktop seamlessly so you can use your computer to make phone calls.

The inbound call channel is growing rapidly, but marketers don't have a clear picture into which campaigns are driving the highest quality leads. Not having the data to connect various online and offline interactions, such as calls, could cost companies millions in missed revenue opportunities. This infographic from Invoca provides background on why marketers need to think about their marketing data in terms of both calls AND clicks.

An accompanying ebook provides actionable advice about how marketers can add call intelligence to their toolset, optimizing calls like clicks to drive more high quality leads.


In a world gone mobile, Invoca provides call intelligence to the marketing cloud to help marketers drive inbound calls and turn them into sales. The Invoca platform delivers the inbound call intelligence required for marketers to capture and optimize customer engagement and sales beyond the click. From attribution to intent, marketers gain a complete understanding of the customer's journey across digital, mobile and offline touchpoints so they can optimize their marketing spend, drive quality inbound calls and deliver a better customer experience.


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    Hi Douglas,

    Great article! I completely agree with you that call tracking has a great impact and helps businesses evaluate each of their marketing campaigns effectiveness in real time and lets them make quick and adequate decisions and adjustments to maximise ROI.

    Thanks for the great article!

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