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Zuora: Automate Your Recurring Billing and Subscription Operations

Application development companies spend a ton of time developing their platforms but often miss out on one of the most critical elements needed for success – subscription management. And it’s not a simple problem. Between payment gateways, returns, credits, discounts, demo periods, packages, internationalization, taxation… recurring billing can be a nightmare.

As with just about anything, there’s a platform for that. Zuora. Zuora recurring billing and subscription Management automates your process, whether it’s recurring, by usage, prorated, or in-arrears.

Zuora Recurring Billing and Subscription Management Features Include

  • Recurring Billing – Speed up billing operations without losing attention to detail. Group customers together and set up automated billing schedules and rules for each group.
  • Prorations and Calculations – Every time a customer upgrades, downgrades, or changes a subscription, billing is impacted. Zuora automatically handles these prorations and calculations so you don’t become a bottleneck.
  • Real-time Tax – Using Zuora’s tax engine or integrate with a 3rd party tax solution to pull real-time tax calculations for every invoice.
  • Invoice Templating – Use a wide range of invoice template capabilities such as grouping, subtotals, and conditional logic to design and configure invoice templates in Zuora.
zuora invoice

Zuora billing offers quite a bit of flexibility, including billing customers monthly, quarterly, annually, or any other period of time. You can start a subscription when a service is provisioned, when a customer signs-up, or at any other milestone. Rate usage in real-time or after a certain period. Align billing dates according to the start of the subscription, the customer’s choice, or a host of additional attributes.

Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is the founder of the Martech Zone and a recognized expert on digital transformation. Douglas has helped start several successful MarTech startups, has assisted in the due diligence of over $5 bil in Martech acquisitions and investments, and continues to launch his own platforms and services. He's a co-founder of Highbridge, a digital transformation consulting firm. Douglas is also a published author of a Dummie's guide and a business leadership book.

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  1. Recurring billing provides a benefit to subscribers who don’t have to worry about another monthly bill to stay on top of – or risk missing out on delivery of a product or service. Instead, with recurring billing, the subscriber is guaranteed to have continuous service.

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