10 Benefits of Video Marketing

video marketing infographic
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We’ve been pushing our clients and sponsors more and more to produce video and we’ve been partnering with several video companies to help develop the scripts and stories – both live and animated – to help drive conversions to our clients. Video costs continue to plummet and incredible tools and companies exist that can help you produce, edit, manage and host video content that engages your audience. If you’re not doing video… you must. If your competitors are doing video, they’re already winning!

Video has the potential to transmit large amounts of information. A simple 2 3 second video can transmit tons of historical, emotional, and academic information simply from the imagery portrayed in the shot. After you create your own video, you can use it to communicate in ways that other marketing tools don’t.

This infographic from The War Room Production Studio spells out 10 concrete benefits of a video marketing strategy:



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    Thanks for sharing the infographic Douglas. Some great information in there; point number 4 seems to be the one that has really changed the game over the last couple years. One thing’s for sure, if you have a brand or business, it’s going to get harder and harder to ignore the strength of good video marketing.

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    So many great stats in this infographic – thank you! We are always pitching these numbers to clients and potential clients because video marketing is a must in a company’s strategy.

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    I like how you mentioned that video production for events stimulates clients. Thanks for your comment about how it can help your audiences converse and are better for your business. My friend is helping out with a fashion show and is considering looking into event videography.

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