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7 Steps to Creating a Killer Marketing Video

Steps to Create Killer Marketing Videos

We’re ramping up an animated video for one of our clients at the moment. They have a ton of visitors coming to their site, but we’re not seeing people stick around too long. A short explainer will be the perfect tool to deploy to get their value proposition and differentiation across to new visitors in an impressive way.

Studies show that consumer demand for video content has increased dramatically, with 43% wanting to see more videos from marketers. Videos and animated content have become highly significant in the conversion process, with 51.9% of marketers claiming that video has the best ROI as compared to other types of content. In fact, landing pages with videos lead to 800% more conversion. MicroCreatives

MicroCreatives, a full-service off-shore creative design agency, produced this insightful infographic  – 7 Ways to Create A Killer Marketing Video – that should help any company or creative kick-off their first video project. The infographic walks you through the steps necessary to develop your next video project.

Here are the 7 Steps to Create a Killer Marketing Video

  1. Determine your video’s objectives and target audience
  2. Pick the right type of video content for your purpose
  3. Keep it short
  4. Center it around a brand story
  5. Don’t be boring
  6. Decide on where to put your video
  7. Measure and analyze performance

I genuinely appreciate that they started with the goal in mind and ended with measuring the performance of the effort!

7 Steps to Create a Killer Marketing Video Infographic

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