10 Suggestions to Improve Digg


  1. The home page is not targeted towards me nor is it targeted towards optimizing for social media at all. My Digg page should have my friend’s recent diggs, my recent diggs, as well as other content areas that I can add (by category, etc.)
  2. “Digg is all about…” is wasted space. Move the menu up. If I want to know what Digg is, put an about link. You’re taking up very precious real estate.
  3. Pro/Con Comments. I would like to see who has the best comment FOR a subject, and who has the best subject AGAINST. Let’s get the conflict started. The endless stream of comments is useless.
  4. Where do I rank? I’m not a big digger… but I’d like to know where my stories rank on the overall site. Who are the top 10 diggers?
  5. Get rid of that big giant Diggnation Podcast banner. Sheesh… a nice little speaker would capture more attention to the Podcast.
  6. Enable whispers, perhaps a chat on the most active Diggs. Pull the community in in real time.
  7. Tags, tags, tags. Your categories suck. They really do. Why not allow people to tag their entries so that I could subscribe to “CSS” (as an example).
  8. Upcoming Stories? How about Fast Moving Stories? I don’t care about the lame upcoming story. But if it got 10 diggs in a few minutes… why not rank on acceleration?
  9. API? I wish I could add the stories that I Dugg or that I submitted to my website. RSS is fairly limited… but an API would enable me to make applications.
  10. Digg Alerts. When my friends Digg a story, how come I don’t get an alert?


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    Point 8: totally agree. The only thing worse than seeing the same stories on the Digg home page for the entire day is seeing mediocre / terrible / atrocious stories on the upcoming page.

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    With regard to upcoming stories, it is possible to sort the upcoming stories by most popular rather than newest. I find that that is an easy way to see what the hottest upcoming news it at that moment.

    Hopefully that is of some help. 🙂

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