WordPress: Manage Ads with Ad-minister

Each time I would test some ads on my site, I always had to reach into the theme designer and edit the core them code… something that gets me a little nervous. I’ve tested quite a few ad plugins for my WordPress blog, but none of them were robust enough.

This week I finally found what I needed with a fantastic WordPress ad management plugin, called Ad-minister.
ad minister
The interface for Ad-minister isn’t too intuitive, but the features are perfect. Here are the steps to configure Ad-minister, check out the author’s site for additional details:

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Enter the necessary code in your theme, be sure to put great descriptions for the location – especially if you have quite a few regions:
     'Top banner', 'description' => 'This is the banner on top of every page', 'before' => '>div id="banner-top">', 'after' => '>/div>'); do_action('ad-minister', $args); ?>
  3. Go to your Manage tab and select Ad-minister.
  4. Click the Positions/Widgets tab and you should now see all of the positions that you’ve added within your theme design.
  5. Now click Create Content. Past your code, select the position where you’d like it to display and you’re off and running. Be sure to title the content enough to differentiate your ads.
  6. You’re now off and running!

The plugin also has additional functionality such as date ranges, number of clicks, etc. It’s a very robust plugin that has everything you need to manage advertising easily on a WordPress blog!

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    I just started my own home business and I am doing some research into how to best advertise. I came across this blog and really like the idea of this program in helping small businesses get started with better advertising. I will have to look into this information further. I also am looking into another ad “aid” called Glyphius? Have you heard of it? Thanks for sharing any thoughts and for giving me another wonderful tip on what to look into!

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