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One project I'm continuing to work on for one of my clients is to build out marketing dashboards that provide some real data to make decisions on. If that sounds easy, it's really not.

It's not easy. Every search, social, ecommerce, and analytics platform have their own means of tracking data – from engagement logic to returning or current users. Not only that, but most platforms don't play well with pushing or pulling data to other platforms. Let's face it… a competitor like Facebook isn't going to build a native connector to Google Data Studio so people can merge their social and analytics data there.

Every major platform does have a way to export data via their API, though, and there are platforms that capitalize on this to help businesses build their marketing intelligence.

The tool that I've been spending the most time in is Google Data Studio. For a free business intelligence, reporting, and dashboard platform – the free price can't be beat. Unfortunately, because it's Google-owned, you're not going to see other players flock to build partner connectors to their data, though. As a result, a number of third-party platforms are on the rise. One of those is Adverity.

Adverity offers three solutions:

  1. Adverity Datatap – Connect data from multiple systems and send to any destination by automating the data collection, preparation and management processes.
  2. Adverity Insights – Customised dashboards provide you with a real-time overview of your marketing and business performance. Connect the right data in the right dashboards for the right people.
  3. Adverity PreSense – Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, PreSense proactively uncovers optimization opportunities by leveraging machine learning and advanced statistics. By using anomaly detection, data discovery and spend recommendations, companies can transform the power of their marketing analytics.

Adverity DataTap

Connect and work with your entire media, marketing and e-commerce ecosystems. With native access to hundreds of marketing data sources. Adverity aggregates highly granular data from a wide array of tools on the fly. They’ve integrated everything: from financial, to point-of-sale and weather data.

Adverity empowers you to look deeper across the entire customer journey than ever before. Blend previously siloed data streams to get a more comprehensive overview of your clients’ business.

Put all your data at your fingertips and benefit from huge increases in efficiency. There’s no need to switch between platforms to access your data. No more manually preparing datasets for analysis. Instead, you can focus your resources on uncovering new insights and create added value from data.

Investing in data-driven marketing is an area that companies are getting great returns for. According to a report from the Winterberry Group and the Global Direct Marketing Association (GDMA), about 80% of respondents see customer data as critical to their marketing and advertising efforts. 

What is Data-Driven Marketing?

Data-driven marketing is the approach of optimizing brand communications based on customer information. Data-driven marketers use customer data to predict their needs, desires and future behaviours. Such insight helps develop personalised marketing strategies for the highest possible return on investment (ROI).

Eugen Knippel, Adverity

Case Study: How Mindshare Optimized Data Integration & Client Reporting

Mindshare Netherlands is the Dutch subsidiary of a global media and marketing services company. With more than 7,000 employees across the globe, Mindshare is responsible for a vast majority of GroupM and WPP's global marketing campaigns. To manage such a large workload, the company had long been on the lookout for a data marketing tool that can optimize data collection, integration, and reporting for its clients. These goals are now met, with the help of Adverity.

Standardize Your KPIs

Crucial to modern data-driven marketing is the use of standardised marketing metrics across all media channels. Measuring cross-channel marketing performance is made easier when there is a standardised framework for all KPIs. This ensures consistency in how data is structured, regardless of where the data originates from.

Adverity provides the opportunity to generate huge and highly complex mapping options which align all your performance metrics so you can compare apples alongside other unified apples. This allows marketers to include all their target audiences or data segments within one metric or dimension, helping them to make highly-educated marketing decisions with unified intelligence.

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