Sys-Con: The Most Annoying Web Site, Ever?

A few minutes ago, I received a Google Alert on an article about why Ajax had overtaken Java. Sounds like a great article, doesn’t it? I couldn’t tell you because I never read it. This is what I was met with when I got there:

Websphere - An Annoying Web Site

What makes this page ridiculously annoying:

  1. When the page launches, a div pop-up hits me right between the eyes with a very small close link in the base. The pop-up isn’t a window pop-up so a pop-up blocker doesn’t work. As well, the advertisement is carefully positioned to display OTHER ADS within the sidebar and it actually blocks the content I came to see.
  2. If you scroll down, the advertisement stays in the same relative position! You absolutely can not read the content without clicking close on the Advertisement.
  3. The video advertisement begins playing as soon as the site is launched with sound! I don’t mind sound on a web page… when I ask for it.
  4. Within the page there are 7 advertisements in plain view… and no content.
  5. There are no less than five navigation methods on the page! There’s a listbox, horizontal tabbed menu, horizontal menu, a horizontal ticker menu, sidebar menus… how can anyone possibly find anything on this website? I’m wondering whether or not there actually is any content on the site in between all the menus and advertisments!
  6. This is, supposedly, a website that’s a resource for Website Professionals! Can you believe that?

A comparable Technology News and Information Site

In comparison, let’s take a look at CNET. CNET also has a multimedia component (that you click play on if you’d like to, and 7 advertisements in plain view! However, the navigation and web page layout promote the content instead of hiding it.


Impact and Comparison

If you don’t think design is an important feature of a news and information website, I’ll throw in this comparison of Alexa statistics comparison:

Websphere and CNET Alexa Comparison

What’s your most annoying web site? Please… keep it to Marketing and/or technology sites.


  1. 1

    Thank you thank you thank you!

    Finally! Yes, sys-con is the most annoying website I’ve ever had to wade through. Did you see the big *** footer on that one? And the site doesn’t even render correctly in Firefox.

  2. 2

    Completely Agree!

    Sys-con is one of those website I HATE to go to.
    Sometimes there banners won’t even render properly and are hard to close in firefox

  3. 3

    It’s slightly better when using Firefox with a combination of Adblock (with Filterset.G) and Flashblock. Only the very annoying popup div still appears (all the other ads are gone).

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