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In 2018, Data Will Fuel the Emerging Insights Economy

The prospect of artificial intelligence (AI) changing everything generated considerable buzz in marketing circles in 2017, and that will continue in 2018 and the years ahead. Innovations like Salesforce Einstein, the first comprehensive AI for CRM, will give sales professionals unprecedented insights into customer needs, help support agents solve problems before customers even perceive them and let marketing personalize experiences to a degree that wasn’t possible before. These developments are the leading edge of a shift that is taking place almost imperceptibly: the emergence of the Insights Economy. Just as the Industrial Age ushered in


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4 Revelations You Can Uncover with Salesforce Data

They say a CRM is only as useful as the data in it. Millions of marketers use Salesforce, but few have a solid understanding of the data that they are pulling, what metrics to measure, where it comes from, and how much they can trust it. As marketing continues to become more data-driven, this amplifies the need to understand what is happening behind-the-scenes with Salesforce, as well as other tools. Here are four reasons why marketers need to know their data inside and out, and the keys to understanding that data. Track lead volume through