Chris Hoyt

Chris is the Marketing Director of Perscio, a business partner focused on creating Big Data opportunities for their clients, where he has developed the branding and messaging from the ground up, from logo to sales funnel.
  • Analytics & Testing

    Big Data is Pushing Marketing into Real-Time

    Marketers have always sought to reach their customers at just the right moment – and to do so before their competitors. With the advent of the Internet and real-time analytics, the timeframe for being relevant to your customers is shrinking. Big Data is now making marketing even faster, more responsive, and more personal than ever before. The massive amounts of…

  • Analytics & Testingperscio touchdown

    The Data Points to a Surprise Super Bowl Commercial Winner

    The most effective Super Bowl commercials may not be the ones you think. While our ability to collect data is growing, our ability to understand data is still catching up. At Perscio, our team of data scientists did a deeper analysis of Twitter activity during the Super Bowl and found that the most popular commercials aren’t necessarily the ones getting…


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