Katarzyna Banasik

Marketing Manager at Emporix, the B2B composable commerce platform that makes business insights actionable. Interested in new software technology trends.
  • Ecommerce and Retail Challenges of Ecommerce Platforming and Composable Commerce Platforms

    The Challenges of Ecommerce Replatforming — No Pain, No Gain?

    Rolling out new eCommerce infrastructure isn’t easy, particularly when it comes to deciding exactly what you need to implement and defining a system architecture that is fit for the long term. Replatforming isn’t just a significant investment of money and resources, it is also the crucial backbone that supports a healthy chunk of revenue for the future. Selecting the eCommerce…

  • Marketing Tools Voucherify Promotion API

    Voucherify: Launch Personalized Promotions With Voucherify’s Free Plan

    Voucherify is an API-first Promotion and Loyalty Management Software that helps launch, manage, and track personalized promotional campaigns like discount coupons, automatic promotions, gift cards, sweepstakes, loyalty programs, and referral programs.  Personalized promotions, gift cards, giveaways, loyalty, or referral programs are especially important at the early stages of growth.  Start-ups often struggle with customer acquisition, where launching personalized discount coupons, cart…

  • Marketing Tools Codeless Weather Marketing Marketing Weather Campaign

    How To Quickly Launch A Weather-Based Campaign Having No Coding Skills

    After Black Friday sales, Christmas shopping frenzy, and post-Christmas sales we find ourselves in the most boring sales season of the year yet again — it’s cold, grey, raining, and snowing. People are sitting at home, rather than strolling around the shopping malls.  A 2010 study by economist, Kyle B. Murray, revealed that exposure to sunlight could increase consumption and our…

  • Marketing Books CRM Technology Books and Resources Online

    Learning Technology Is Critical as a CRM Manager: Here Are Some Resources

    Why should you learn tech skills as a CRM Manager?  In the past, to be a good Customer Relationship Manager you needed to psychology and a few marketing skills.  Today, CRM is much more a tech game than originally. In the past, a CRM manager was more focused on how to create an email copy, a more creative-minded person. Today,…