Peter Ibarra

Peter Ibara is a seasoned professional with a passion for working at the intersection of innovation, impact, and responsibility. With a strong background in connecting people and teams with an organization's strategic goals, Peter has built an impressive career in advertising technology and customer data platforms. Peter is currently serving as the Head of AdTech Solutions for Amperity, a customer data platform that uses AI to deliver a comprehensive and actionable Customer 360. In this role, Peter leads Amperity's product strategy across digital media, Retail Media Networks, second-party data collaboration, adtech partnerships, and post-cookie first-party activation.
  • CRM and Data PlatformsWhy Are Data Management Platforms Being Phased Out?

    The Downfall of Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

    We’re in an era where privacy matters to customers more than ever, and cookies are on their way out. This shift is shaking things up for everyone in the advertising industry. 77% of industry folks and 75% of publishers say they’re ready for a world without cookies and identifiers. IAB, State of Data But actions speak louder than words. Advertisers…

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