Your Social Media Crisis Response Is Hurting Your Profession

There was no shortage of social media activity during the recent tragic events in Boston. Your Facebook and Twitter streams were overloaded with content referencing the minute-by-minute unfolding events. In fact, much of it would not make sense out of context. There is also no shortage of social media marketing brand managers who have chimed in on best practices during a crisis. Stacy Wescoe writes: “I had to stop myself and say, ‘No, people don’t

Event Registration Rant

Back in the spring, there was an amazing, fantastic, wonderful event sponsored a terrific organization called Express Employment Professionals. The program itself was a dynamic lineup of speakers, including Indy’s own Peyton Manning. The staff executed the event flawlessly and I think the crowd was tremendously impressed. In fact, I only have one complaint—and it has nothing to do with the day of that event. Unfortunately, that complaint is a doozy. This event had a

Facebook is a Frat House, Google+ a Sorority

I’ve finally found a near-perfect analogy for Facebook and Google+, and really for all things social media marketing. Facebook is a frat house, and Google+ a sorority. Both the male and female sides of the Greek system have several aspects in common. Consider the following benefits: Camaraderie and life long friendships Professional networking opportunities Community engagement among like-minded people Those are some of the upsides of going Greek at a college or university. But we

Marketing Idea: One-Click Event Registration

Over at the productivity consulting company I run, we do a ton of public seminars. We do the standard event marketing stuff: we’ve got the microsite, we’ve got the email newsletter, we’ve got the online registration system. But we’ve got one more idea that we’re thinking about trying, and it’s a little crazy. Maybe you can help tell us if this is a good or bad idea: we call it “one-click registration.” Here’s the concept.

The Marketing Genius of Jim Irsay

On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Tennessee Titans to become the AFC South Champions. Before the game, however, Colts owner Jim Irsay ran an absolutely brilliant marketing campaign over Twitter. In case you weren’t up on the details, let’s review Irsay’s tweets from December 31st: TO WIN A PRIUS AND $4K—At 1:15pm this Sunday there will be a black Prius parked on the north exterior plaza outside Lucas Oil Stadium… TO WIN A PRIUS