Robby Slaughter

Robby Slaughter is a workflow and productivity expert. His focus is helping organizations and individuals to become more efficient, more effective and more satisfied at work. Robby is a regular contributor in several regional magazines and has been interviewed by national publications such as the Wall Street Journal. His latest book is The Unbeatable Recipe for Networking Events.. Robby runs a business improvement consulting company.
  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingCrying Man

    Your Social Media Crisis Response Is Hurting Your Profession

    There was no shortage of social media activity during the recent tragic events in Boston. Your Facebook and Twitter streams were overloaded with content referencing the minute-by-minute unfolding events. In fact, much of it would not make sense out of context. There is also no shortage of social media marketing brand managers who have chimed in on best practices during…

  • Content Marketingcvent example 1

    Event Registration Rant

    Back in the spring, there was an amazing, fantastic, wonderful event sponsored a terrific organization called Express Employment Professionals. The program itself was a dynamic lineup of speakers, including Indy’s own Peyton Manning. The staff executed the event flawlessly and I think the crowd was tremendously impressed. In fact, I only have one complaint—and it has nothing to do with…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketingfacebook vs google

    Facebook is a Frat House, Google+ a Sorority

    I’ve finally found a near-perfect analogy for Facebook and Google+, and really for all things social media marketing. Facebook is a frat house, and Google+ a sorority. Both the male and female sides of the Greek system have several aspects in common. Consider the following benefits: Camaraderie and life long friendships Professional networking opportunities Community engagement among like-minded people Those…

  • Content Marketingirsay

    The Marketing Genius of Jim Irsay

    On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts defeated the Tennessee Titans to become the AFC South Champions. Before the game, however, Colts owner Jim Irsay ran an absolutely brilliant marketing campaign over Twitter. In case you weren’t up on the details, let’s review Irsay’s tweets from December 31st: TO WIN A PRIUS AND $4K—At 1:15pm this Sunday there will be a black…

  • Marketing & Sales Videos

    WordPress Plugin: Blogging Checklist

    Back at BlogIndiana 2010, we did a soft launch for WordPress plugin to help increase employee productivity. It’s called Blogging Checklist, and it’s based on the unbelievably simple and yet astounding power of a checklist. Blogging Checklist is just what it sounds like: it creates a bunch of checkboxes for you to use when writing a blog post. Sure, you…

  • Email Marketing & Email Marketing AutomationHow To Become A Spammer

    Top 5 Ways To Accidentally Become a Spammer

    The worst possible insult you can receive on the Internet is to be accused of being a spammer. Any other attack on your character doesn’t have the same staying power. Once someone thinks you’re a spammer, you’ll almost never get back on their good side. The road to spamville is one-way only. Worst of all, it’s surprisingly easy to take…

  • Content Marketing

    How and Why To Write a Book

    I just finished a book, Failure: The Secret to Success. When people hear about this, they offer congratulations and ask me a couple of stock questions: Where did you get the idea? How long did it take to write? What made you want to write a book? I could answer any of these questions for you, but I’ll tell you…

  • Content Marketingprice speed quality

    Productivity: The “Fast, Cheap, Good” Rubrik

    As long as there have been project managers, there has been a quick-and-dirty trick for describing any project. It’s called the “Fast-Cheap-Good” rule, and it will take you about five seconds to understand. Here’s the rule: Fast, cheap or good: Pick any two. The purpose of this rule is to remind us that all complicated endeavors require tradeoffs. Whenever we…


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