Tim Piazza

Tim Piazza is a partner with Social LIfe Marketing and the founder of ProSocialTools.com, a small business resource for reaching local customers with social media and mobile marketing. When he's not creating innovative solutions that accelerate business processes, Tim likes to play the mandolin and craft furniture.
  • Content Marketingwordpress htaccess rewriterule rewritecond

    WordPress .htaccess Rules Have Exceptions, Too

    WordPress made a major evolutionary step forward in the blogging platform, moving it closer to a full-fledged content management system with revision tracking, more support for custom menus, and–the most intriguing feature for me–multi-site support with domain mapping. If you are not a content management system junkie, it’s okay. You can skip right past this article. But for my fellow…

  • Search MarketingGoogle Spam to Facebook Spam

    Google Cleans Up, Spammers Move to Facebook

    Every media that has come and gone has died for one of two reasons, either a failure to innovate or an incapacity to control the signal-to-noise ratio. In Google’s case, the signal is really great search results on page one and the noise is the useless search results that infiltrate and contaminate those top positions. Google would not be the…

  • Content Marketingfacebook iphone

    Get Ready for Facebook Mobile

    Facebook is making a quiet push to gain access to your mobile phone number. In recent weeks they have made two noticeable changes that suggest preparations to dominate the mobile marketing space. First they have started warning users who have not provided a mobile phone number that their Facebook security is low, and the first step to increasing their security…

  • Content MarketingMavenlink Project Collaboration Software

    A Project Management Solution for Consultants

    There are three kinds of projects. The ones you can do on your own, the ones that you can pay someone else to handle for you, and the ones that you need to collaborate with others on. Project management software is for the third kind. I recently discovered Mavenlink, a cloud-based project management application that is similar to Basecamp, but…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketingfacebook groups online collaboration

    Online Collaboration with Facebook? You Bet!

    If you are serious about project management, you are already familiar with tools like Basecamp that provide a robust platform for project management, task assignments, and team collaboration. These tools are great, but they all require your collaborators to extend their digital life to include one more thing to be piled onto an already overflowing plate. Some things deserve this…


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