Zac Sprackett

Zac leads SugarCRM’s globally distributed product management, user experience, and engineering organizations. He is responsible for defining the product vision and strategy of the Sugar platform and for the execution of that strategy. He has over 25 years of experience in technology companies having held a variety of leadership roles.
  • Artificial IntelligencePredictive Sales Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Predictive AI: 5 Ways Organizations Are Using AI To Power Their Sales Efforts

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is now part of our daily lives thanks to smart assistants, self-driving cars, recommended products on e-commerce sites, and the rapid adoption of ChatGPT. You’ll likely hear it discussed around the office, from predictive and personalized marketing to sales forecasting and competitive intelligence. There’s obviously a lot of excitement and promise, but how do you engage?  How can you actually…


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