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As you may already realize, we have a weekly radio show that is live each Friday at 3PM. Utilizing BlogTalkRadio, that show is then archived and the podcast is pushed to iTunes. Outside of the audio quality, BlogTalkRadio continues to exceed my expectations.

As you rummage around the Internet for advice on podcasting, there’s tons of information on software like Audacity or Garageband to develop your audio in, players to embed in your site, equipment to buy, and then you have to fumble through registering and uploading each podcast on iTunes. This is all way too much work for our team… so BlogTalkRadio is the perfect solution.

With BlogTalkRadio, all we need is a good microphone and Skype to connect with guests… you actually don’t even need those, you could just dial in with your phone and you’re ready to go! BlogTalkRadio is releasing a new switchboard, allowing you to easily manage your show, your guests, and additional audio to bring in. Additionally, BTR allows you to integrate your show with Facebook and Twitter so that show announcements are automatically sent out leading up to the show (awesome feature).

btr switchboard

As a B2B show, our strategy is quite different from consumer related shows:

  • We are not after high numbers of listeners… we want to grow a niche audience of marketing and industry professionals.
  • We are pursuing marketing and technology leaders to connect with on the show. It’s not simply a tactic to have big names on the show for more listeners, it’s also a strategy to ensure that our names are consistently mentioned in those same circles.
  • We are pursuing marketing professionals that work at major corporations. In other words, we are targeting potential clients to be on the show! This may sound sinister, but it absolutely works. We’re going to continue to bring market leaders and Fortune 500 companies on the show. They’ll be valued both by the listeners as well as offer us the opportunity to introduce what we do to them.
  • Since podcasting isn’t easy, many authors, bloggers, and industry leaders will jump at the opportunity to be on a show. There’s not as many podcasts out there as there are blogs… so the chance to be heard is much higher. It’s in their best interest (and yours) to get on those shows.

That said… we don’t drag someone on the show to hard-sell them. We provide them an audience to promote themselves, their company and their strategy as well as offer some advice or conversation regarding it. If the guest appreciates our feedback, there’s always an opportunity to continue the relationship offline.

We identify targets for the Podcast by:

  • Providing a contact form on our blog. Public relations professionals contact us daily with pitches – many of them are great opportunities for the show.
  • Find bloggers through blog searches, PostRank and Technorati that speak on the same topics.
  • Find other Podcasters on programs like iTunes and Stitcher.
  • Find authors on newly released books on the topics we speak about. Authors are constantly trying to get the word out on their books and Podcasts provide a great opportunity. Most authors will jump at the opportunity. Find their site and connect with them.

Promote the show by integrating the radio show into your blog and social pages. Podcasts offer a great opportunity for people to both work and listen… something a blog doesn’t offer. Listening is also a big step up from reading… since you hear the tones of the voice. It can help your listeners build trust with you much quicker.

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    Love your show, can’t always catch it live, so it is fun to down load the podcasts, and listen when I have time.

    I had been podcasting using a hand held recorder and Audacity for awhile, but BlogTalk Radio is so much easier. I still edit the final program before I upload it to itunes and I have started including a link to some of the more popular programs in our proposals.

    We are going to learn from you as we try to build an audience for our small business program on Wednesday’s at 10:30.

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