The Beacon Marketing Opportunity

swirl beacon app

We’ve shared information on Swirl’s mobile beacon marketing system before. This infographic from Swirl illustrates the power of beacon-triggered content and offers in terms of consumer appeal and the potential to influence in-store purchase decisions.

Key data points included in the infographic include

  • 72% of consumers said that a relevant mobile offer delivered to their smartphone while shopping in a store would significantly influence their likelihood to make a purchase.
  • 79% of consumers who have received push notifications on their smartphone in the past six months have made at least one purchase as a result.
  • 80% of consumers would use a mobile app more often while shopping in a store if that app delivered relevant sales and promotional notifications. Sixty two percent would use apps in-store more often if they provided content that was relevant to the shopper’s interests and location within the store.

Beacon Marketing

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    The data on which this is based — is it exclusively self-reporting data, or an analysis of data of app use along with presence in the store?

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