You Won’t Be Blogging Forever

When I speak to folks about blogging, a lot of them ask me if blogging is here to stay.


Asking someone if blogging will be here forever is like asking the guys that were printing their newspapers with the Gutenberg press the same. Just like the free press, blogging will evolve with technology, bloggers with huge followings will be bought out, and blogs will become integrated and embedded with other communication mediums.

Blogging is fast becoming the medium and strategy for corporations, but it won't take long before it's swollen ego shrinks back to ‘just another communication method' that's up there with signage, location, email, web sites, and social media interaction.

Talented bloggers will be depended upon to help companies move the needle. The next few years will be great for bloggers, who will continue to be swept up by larger organizations either on a consulting or full-time basis. That's good to hear, isn't it? It means this whole thing has been worth it – honesty and transparency can bring you success.

1938 lorenOn that note, congratulations to Loren Feldman, a successful blogger who will be doing some writing and videos for c|net.

Side note: While I cringe at Loren's raspy, cussing, in-your-face, East Coast rants… or uncomfortably watch him vlogging in bed – I'm in awe of both his transparency and his success. He shows that you can be honest, be yourself, be opinionated, and still be successful.

Where's Blogging Going?

There will be something new to blogging in the future, just as with newspapers… but it won't take a hundred and fifty years. My vision of a blogger of the future may involve a speech-to-text voice recognition that's passed through a grammatical filter, with smart algorithms that organize the content, and auto-generated interactive ‘views' into related subject matter available over the web.

Corporate Blogging in the future will probably fall back into the Marketing, even though we're fighting like hell to keep it out of there today. The reason we fight it now is because Marketing awards are usually given for perfection, beauty and finesse – not results, reality and transparency. Bloggers and blogging don't fit into the seasoned Marketing Executive's cubicle farm.

Once companies realize their success is attributed to how effectively they communicate and foster relationships with their clients and prospects, Marketing departments will begin to appreciate someone having the balls to get on a blog and tell it like it is. When they do, marketing will change and companies will be better for it.

When it's a mainstream factor in corporations, it's going to change life for the independent blogger like me. Companies will seek out those with a following, who can write well, and pull them into their bag of goodies. If I were running HP, Dell, IBM or Cisco, I'd be padding my web presence with bloggers today – before they're all gone tomorrow.

When everyone is blogging, we'll either get promoted to someone else's spotlight or fade into obscurity. Don't get comfortable, we won't be here for long.


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    Oh, How I wish blogging could go on forever. But if I would have to issue a realistic wish, I just hope it will stay around for 5 to 10 more years. I still haven’t find the success I want for myself in this field, albeit I have to admit I have not got the ample time to really make a go for it (blogging) because of other endeavors. Still, I wish to realize success, even moderate, on my personal blogs, as well on the blogs that I wish to earn from considerably.

  2. 2

    I think changes are going to take place as technology evolves, we are going to have different tools to do our work and with that things will take a different direction. One example is the ultra portable PC’s, we all may get one of those and with that engage in blogging more frequently from everywhere (maybe that’s already happening.)

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