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While every marketer would agree that word of mouth marketing is a sure way to increase visibility and sales, many remain at a loss on how to orchestrate a successful word of mouth campaign on Facebook. This is where Booshaka can help. Booshaka simplifies social media word of mouth marketing by helping the brand better understand their fan-base and establish a rapport with their fans and followers.

Booshaka makes sense of Facebook data and provides valuable insights that you can use for content discovery and production, consumer understanding, market research, ad targeting and optimization, cross-promotional partner identification and valuation, competitor analysis, benchmarking, measurement and more.

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Booshaka provides insight into the top fans from the maze of comments, likes and other activity. Booshaka goes beyond surface visibility or presence to assign value to the fan's contribution based on quality and impact. The marketer gets insights into fan stats and recent activity as well. Such insights allow the marketer to focus on the right type of people and identify what attracts clicks and activity when developing media plans and engagement strategies

Sample Top Fans Leaderboard:


Booshaka goes beyond top clickers. While the basic Top Fan Leaderboard provides brands with a perspective on what actually happens, news feed optimization features help brands improve interaction and thereby strengthen fan involvement. The Social Rewards feature allows setting up programs to reward top fans, extending loyalty marketing to the social media space. Another advanced feature, Top Fans Pro facilitates increased customization, and offers other intuitive features – including one that helps eliminate spam.

Sample Top Fans Pro Leaderboard:


Booshaka provides contextual relevance when scoring and categorizing fan integration – which provides a deeper perspective into the data. Installation is fast and easy, log on to Booshaka Top Fans, the basic offer, is free. Even the Top Fans Pro version is free for the first seven days. Additional pricing is based on the number of fans you have!

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