The Bright Future of Retail

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While most fields have seen a huge dive in employment opportunities with advances in technology, retail job opportunities are currently on the rise and are looking to be a secure choice for the future. One in four jobs in the United States is in the retail industry, but this industry covers far more than just sales. In fact, over 40% of the positions in retail are jobs other than sales.

The top 5 rising careers in retail are marketing analysis, email marketing, natural search, paid search, and social media. It is obvious that e-commerce is crucial for success in retail and the top investments this year will be in mobile, site overhaul, and marketing. Some retailers are already ahead of the game with new innovations to rise above the rest. Kroger has body-heat sensitive infrared cameras to determine how many check out lanes to open. Walmart’s app switches to in-store mode so that you can easily find anything you’re looking for. With the rate of technological growth and the rise of e-commerce, we will see more change in the retail industry in the next 5 years than we did in the past 100. Baynote shares the statistics for retail and its employees, which companies are at the top of their game, and the top e-commerce investments for 2014 in the infographic below.

The future of retail and ecommerce is a bright one for employment, innovation and investments.

The future of retail and e-commerce is a bright one for employment, innovation and investments.