Canva: Kickstart and Collaborate Your Next Design Project

canva overview

Good friend Chris Reed of Cast A Bigger Net messaged me asking if I had given Canva a try and he told me that I’d love it. He’s absolutely right… I was messing with it for a couple hours already last night.

I’m a huge fan of Illustrator and have used it for many years – but I’m design-challenged. I believe that I know a good design when I see it, but I often have a difficult time bringing my thoughts to reality. It’s one of the reasons why I love our design partners so much – they are masters at listening and producing what I’m thinking. It’s magical. But I digress.

Rather than the typical start-with-a-blank-page platforms where I often stare blankly or browse the Internet for ideas, Canva takes you through a different design and inspiration process that’s enlightening. Canva takes removes the blank page and provides you with a ton of ideas to implement your next design. There’s no need to look up a sizing chart, they come preconfigured with a podcast cover, social media images, presentation, posters, Facebook cover, Facebook Ad image, Facebook post, Facebook App image, blog graphic, document, card, Twitter post, invitation, business card, Twitter header, pinterest post, real estate flyer, Google+ cover, Kindle cover, and photo collages. Included in their layouts are even some great infographic elements!


You can upload your own images, connect with Facebook and use those images, or you can purchase from a selection of over 1,000,000 royalty-free stock images from a robust internal search tool. It only took me a few minutes to build a new Facebook header image for my personal page.


Integrate Canva with your Platform

Canva has evolved into quite a platform now and offers the Canva button to integrate their tool into your platform. No more worrying about building out your own tools to edit designs… just add a button and with a bit of integration, you’re ready to go!

What do you think?

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