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Conductor: An Organic Marketing Platform for Your Enterprise MarTech Stack

We are in the age of information overload. With today’s constant stream of data, even the savviest digital marketer can feel overwhelmed. You don’t need the answer to every question — you just need the key to unlocking value in your campaigns and programs. You need service that’s personalized, accessible and efficient.

Introducing New Ways to Explore and Share Insights and Opportunities in Conductor Searchlight 

Conductor is unveiling a new suite of features for our Conductor Searchlight platform. The platform offers unparalleled ways to discover what customers are searching for online through industry-leading keyword search data, real-time social engagement metrics, and seamless tools for creating valuable content that provides answers and builds trust with customers. 

Conductor’s most versatile SEO tool, Explorer, is a one-stop-shop for research into customer intent, search topics, keywords, audience sentiment, demographic insights, and competitive intelligence. By revealing high-demand content topics, Explorer provides you with a better understanding of your target audiences: what they are searching for today, and what they will be looking for tomorrow. There’s a lot to unpack here, so Conductor is equipping Explorer with all-new features that further curate the experience. 

Explorer puts marketers in the driver’s seat with new personalized and shareable filters for a customized experience, search and social signals that illuminate customer needs and in-platform content briefing that transforms insights, to opportunity, to content. 

  • Personalized and Shareable Filters: Data is only as valuable as your ability to analyze it through the lens of your business. With an all-new interactive filter experience, you can create and save custom filter sets to use over and over again, and even share filters across your team. 
  • Social Signals for ALL Keywords: Learning what a customer is looking for is only part of the picture. To truly understand customer demand, you need to know when they’re searching and why. Social engagement can help you prepare an optimized content calendar ahead of time. 
  • Jumpstart Your Content Strategy with Expanded Content Briefs: Briefs empower marketers to make better decisions and reach target audiences with valuable information. Conductor’s Content Briefs are expanding, giving you more flexibility to create insight-enriched briefs at scale across Explorer.
Conductor Content Brief

The best insights are only as valuable as your ability to create meaningful content and share the impact. Conductor Searchlight now provides even easier ways to track, measure and share marketing impact with teams and stakeholders, so you can all get — and stay — on the same page. 

  • Favorite Workspaces: Create and tag valuable Workspaces — flexible, in-platform reporting dashboards — as favorites for quick and easy sharing across teams, within the platform or via email.
  • Answer Box Intelligence on Insight Stream: Featured snippets (or answer boxes) represent opportunities for your brand to become more visible on Google. Conductor is enhancing our answer box intelligence on Insight Stream, our in-platform organic marketing newsfeed. Stay on top of changes in your answer box ownership, so you never miss an insight or opportunity to gain real estate on Google.
Conductor Workspace Insights

Information overload isn’t just a problem for consumers; it’s an issue for digital marketing teams too. Conductor’s mission is to humanize marketing and we believe the way to do that is to understand customer needs and provide value to those searching for answers online. Conductor’s suite of SEO products delivers rich insight into customers of any brand, in any industry and empowers marketers to take action.

Seth Besmertnik, Conductor CEO & Co-Founder

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AJ Kieffer

AJ is the Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Conductor. A transplant from the ad agency world, AJ is an experienced marketing strategist passionate about unlocking and activating consumer insights.

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