12 Paths to Creative Content Generation

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We had an amazing webinar yesterday with PR Newswire and Zoomerang, over 1,600 people registered!!! The webinar was a joint webinar with John O'Connell, a PR and Communications consultant from HNTB.

I've modified my presentation into a format friendly for distribution here:

The 12 Paths to Creative Content Generation:

  1. Understand the intent of your visitors.
  2. Stop selling and provide value to your readers instead.
  3. Find out what your customers and prospects want!
  4. Feed the senses: text, audio, video and interactive media.
  5. Make surveys and polls a core content strategy.
  6. Deliver the same message different ways through each new medium.
  7. Cross-promote each of the mediums to one another.
  8. Start a content fire! Start using Infographics.
  9. Enable and encourage social sharing… add social buttons!
  10. Be vigilante and hunt down new audiences by promoting your content.
  11. Measure the results and use what works best.
  12. Resurrect old content and re-use and re-promote it!

It was a fantastic webinar with a great turnout. It seems that content is on everyone's mind nowadays! I hope the takeaways from the presentation were that utilizing polls and surveys effectively, as well as promoting your content via tools like PR, and re-using your content in mediums such as infographics are key to a great content strategy!

What do you think?

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