3.24% of Facebook Users are Dead

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In a recent census of social media users, it was identified that 3.24% of all Facebook users were actually dead. Dead Myspace users trumped Facebook at 7.46%. It’s a fascinating statistic because it raises the question of how social networks charge advertisers and how they measure growth.

Social networks don’t actually report the number of engaged users nor do they measure the number of dead ones. Advertisers pay for advertisements based on the number of users in social media, so dead advertisements could be siphoning millions out of your marketing budget.

Asked to comment on dead Facebook users, Mark Zuckerberg only stated, “no comment” and simply referred to the Advertisers Terms of Use:

Facebook Living Status of Users

Note: This is a satirical post. The quantities were made up and I never actually spoke to Mark Zuckerberg. I used Firebug to edit the Facebook Terms of Use and took a screenshot.

My point is that I can not believe the number of advertisers on these networks that don’t actually know what the number of engaged users are. Engagement is a number that large social networks appear to be frightened of.

They measure registered users… whether they are alive, dead, inactive, duplicate, or haven’t even logged in. We don’t even know how much money is being thrown away.


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    Hey! That sounds really interesting…. Would you mind giving me the census? I couldnt find it yet. I need it for a paperwork, thanks a lot!

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