The Cause and Staggering Consequences of Data Issues

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Over half of all marketers believe that dirty data is the biggest obstacle at building a successful marketing program. Without quality data or incomplete data, you're missing the ability to accurately target and communicate with your prospects. In turn, this leaves a gap in your ability to ensure you're meeting your sales team's needs as well.

Sales efficiency is a growing technology segment. The ability, with great data, to target prospects, convert them to leads, and provide the sales team with qualified leads based off of great data will put your inbound and outbound efforts in lockstep, driving more closes.

But 60% of all marketers state that their database is unreliable, 25% state it's inaccurate and a staggering 80% say they have risky phone contact records!

Dirty data is the silent killer of marketing campaigns. It makes you look bad, depresses the impact of great content and offers, and can put your brand, reputation and domain at risk (or worse). Ignore this report and its implications for your business at your peril. Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing

Be sure to follow Matt and Integrate on Twitter. At 10 am PT / 1pm ET on Feb 19th they'll be having a TweetChat on the topic of Data Quality on February 19th (Hashtags: #dirtydata and #MartechChat). Findings from the Integrate Data Index include:

  • Duplicate data (15%), invalid values/ranges (10%) and missing fields (8%) are the most prevalent data quality issues.
  • Invalid formatting, failed email validation and failed address validation are less common errors, but are more difficult to remedy; additionally, they are significant when combined – affecting dispositions from 5 percent in SMB, 10 percent in enterprise and 7 percent in the media company category.
  • Had the media companies analyzed not been using data governance software, they would have needed to manually catch and correct a combined 313,890 prospect data errors.
  • With average B2B lead prices at over $50, these failed email and address validation issues would translate into more than $2.5 million in wasted media spend.

The Causes and Consequences of Dirty Data

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