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Email Drip Campaign Tips, Examples, Statistics and Best Practices

As a marketer, we often push batch and blast emails to our subscribers to let them know about a sale or keep them updated on our products or services. If we’re advanced, we may even segment and personalize those emails. However, the emails are still sent based on our schedule, not the subscribers. Drip email campaigns differ because they are sent or paced based on the subscriber, not us. Drip email works – generating 3x the click-through rate of a typical marketing email

What is a Drip Email Campaign?

Email drip campaigns are a series of pre-written auto-generated emails which are executed when a new subscriber is added to a nurturing campaign or a current subscriber modifies their behavior and kicks off a nurturing, upsell, or retention email marketing campaign. The emails may come at pre-scheduled intervals or upon a change in the subscriber’s behavior, or both.

Companies that excel at drip marketing generate 80% more sales at 33% lower costs. In this infographic from Email Monks, they point out all of the benefits that email drip campaigns offer:

  • Powerful automated communication channel to reach and keep in touch with prospects.
  • Ability to engage prospects and convert them into marketing and sales qualified leads.
  • Nurture relationships without direct human involvement.
  • Build credibility and trust over time before just engaging into sales monologue.
  • Propel TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU at all the levels and identify high value prospects, opportunities of conversion from these prospects and obtain many other data sets.
  • Ease decision making during tighter budgets.

The infographic provides insight into tips and best practices on cultivating leads through each stage of the conversion funnel, what a sample effective drip email campaign workflow looks like, what elements to test in your drip email campaigns, common mistakes of drip email strategies, and nurturing and email creation best practices.
Drip Email Campaign

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