Fathers Day Ecommerce Statistics: 5 Things Every Brand Needs to Know

Father's Day Ecommerce Infographic

It’s almost Father’s Day! I lost my Pops a few years ago, so take the time to hug your Dad and buy him a gift… even if it’s just a few bucks. He’ll love it even if he doesn’t show it. This time of year I find myself at Lowes looking at the cool tools and I think just for a split second… “I’m going to grab one of those for Dad” and then I remember he’s not with us anymore. 🙁

When it comes to analyzing the beliefs and purchasing habits of different consumer groups, marketers tend to overlook dads. Many assume that men who are dads have similar habits to those who aren’t dads, or they use outdated stereotypes of fathers when crafting their messaging. However, today’s fathers have well-defined beliefs about their roles, distinct purchasing behaviors, and are digitally savvy.

Key amongst these findings is the impact of fatherhood on purchase behavior and brand affinity:

  • 44% of fathers changed food/beverage/grocery brands
  • 42% of fathers changed household cleaning products
  • 36% of fathers changed personal care products
  • 27% of fathers changed financial products

In honor of Father’s Day, MDG Advertising has created a new infographic that shows which behaviors and statistics brands should consider when developing products and services geared toward dads.

  1. Dads Do Not Like How They Are Portrayed
  2. Dads See Fatherhood as Important and Rewarding
  3. Many Dads Don’t Think They Devote Enough Time to Fatherhood
  4. Dads Make Important—and Different—Purchase Decisions
  5. Digital and Mobile Are Essential for Younger Dads

Here’s MDG Advertising’s infographic, 5 Things Every Brand Needs to Know About Marketing to Dads:

Father's Day Infographic

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