Google Adds Forms to Google Spreadsheets

I’m an avid user of Google Spreadsheets. Google just added an intriguing feature that Marketing folks might be interested in to do data capture (example: contests and opt-in programs) without the need for professional development. You can now build a form to post directly to your Google Spreadsheet!

Forms - Google Spreadsheets

This is still a far cry from a robust application like Formspring, but it could come in quite handy for some quick and dirty forms. Especially if your company is already using Google Apps. Curious, how does Microsoft compete with this? 😉

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    Thanks for sharing that…that’s exactly what I need! This is great because it doesn’t require a google account for the other people using it. I was going to share a spreadsheet, but not everyone had an account, now they can provide me the info I need without working directly in the spreadsheet.

    Yet another case of great info from Doug!

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