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The History of Search Engine Optimization

I’m not calling this article 25 years of SEO since that’s not the case – but it does provide some history to the web, when search engines became so important, and how they’ve advanced since then. Search engines were fairly clunky, inaccurate, and easy to game for quite a while. Ranking on search engines at one time was pretty easy… get a bunch of folks to mention you and you skyrocketed in rankings.

With the ability to easily alter search engine results, the quality of those results began to dip. In the last few years, search engines had to adapt in order to maintain quality and keep users engaged. Those algorithm changes did a better job of validating referring sites for quality and relevance. Along with other queues, it’s nearly impossible to game the rankings. And if you do, you’re putting your domain and brand at risk.

Over the past 25 years, the way we live and work has been utterly transformed by the creation and evolution of the web. As the volume of online content has soared, search engines have become central to a vast number of our online experiences. In Keyword Eye’s latest infographic, they look back over the last 25 years to explore how SEO has changed and developed over time – and what those changes might tell us about the future. Matt Redford, Keyword Eye.

Now the strategy for search is to ensure your site’s infrastructure follows best practices, your site is as fast as possible, your content is relevant, you update your site frequently, and your content is shared throughout the web. That means that promotion is becoming a key strategy to ensure ranking for great content.

History of SEO 2015


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