How to get blog ideas using Google


As you may know, blogging is a great content marketing activity and can lead to improved search engine rankings, stronger credibility, and a better social media presence.

However, one of the most difficult aspects of blogging can be getting ideas. Blog ideas can come from many sources, including customer interactions, current events, and industry news. However, another great way to get blog ideas is to simply use Google's new instant results feature.

The way to use this is to start typing in keywords that are related to your industry, and then see what Google fills in for you. For example, lets say you run a food blog and you are looking for ideas. Here are some examples of searches you could do:


By simply typing “eating out” on the search box, you are presented with some long tail keyword options that could turn into blog topics. Here is another example:


By simply starting your search with “food”, you get some instant ideas that can turn into great titles. For example:

  • “Food network recipes: what they don't tell you on TV”
  • “Food pyramid guidelines: an interview with three local nutrition experts”

By starting your blog title with these search terms, you are aligning your blog topic with phrases that people are actually searching on, which increases your chances of being found via a Google search.

If you get stuck and can't come up with a topic for your next blog, head over to Google and throw some words at it that are related to your industry. You may find some great ideas that could also improve your SEO.


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    Great read. It’s critical for companies to keep pumping fresh content out and coming up with new content ideas on a regular basis can be challenging. It’s important to sit down and plan ahead, take time out and focus on your content strategy. From Google ranking to link building, it’s well worth the time and effort!

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