Michael Reynolds

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over two decades and have built and sold multiple businesses, including a digital marketing agency, a software company, and other service businesses. As a result of my business background, I often help my clients with similar challenges, including starting a business, or building and optimizing a business.
  • Content MarketingAccrisoft Freedom Membership CMS, CRM, Event Management, and Member Management Platform

    Accrisoft Freedom: Websites and Mobile Apps for Your Membership Organization

    Accrisoft Freedom is a content management system (CMS) and management platform designed to cater specifically to the needs of membership-based organizations. This includes non-profit organizations, chambers of commerce, trade associations, and other similar entities. With a focus on mobile-first, Accrisoft Freedom offers an extensive range of features and functionality to help your membership organization build and maintain your website, while…

  • Content MarketingWhy Website RFPs Do Not Work

    Why Website RFPs Don’t Work

    As a digital agency in business since 1996, we’ve had the opportunity to create hundreds of corporate and non-profit websites. We’ve learned plenty along the way and have gotten our process down to a well-oiled machine. Our process starts with a website blueprint, which allows us to do some initial prep work and hammer out details with the client before…

  • Sales EnablementBusiness Phone Poor Practices

    Five Business Phone Practices That Damage Your Brand

    Running a small business is difficult and stressful. You are constantly wearing multiple hats, putting out fires, and trying to make every dollar stretch as far as possible. You are focusing on your website, your finances, your employees, your customers, and your brand and hoping you can make good decisions every time. Unfortunately, with all the directions small business owners…

  • Content MarketingUse Google Search To Find Ideas for Blog Posts

    How To Find Ideas For Blog Posts Using Google

    As you may know, blogging is a great content marketing activity and can lead to improved search engine rankings, stronger credibility, and a better social media presence. However, one of the most difficult aspects of blogging can be getting ideas. Blog ideas can come from many sources, including customer interactions, current events, and industry news. However, another great way to…

  • Email Marketing & AutomationEmail Productivity and Offline Mode

    Increase Your Email Productivity With Offline Mode

    Most people who know me are aware of my love affair with Inbox Zero. First made popular by Merlin Mann, Inbox Zero is a method of managing your email and keeping your inbox empty. It’s a great email productivity system. I’ve taken the concepts, distilled them a bit further, and added a few new twists. I also teach educational sessions…

  • Mobile and Tablet Marketinghiding

    Stop Hiding from Your Visitors

    It still amazes me how many companies hide from their customers. I was doing some research last week on iPhone app developers because I have a client who is in need of an iPhone app. I asked some people on Twitter. Douglas Karr gave me some referrals and I also knew of one referral from a previous conversation with another…

  • Email Marketing & Automation
    Email Is NOT Dead!

    No, Email Is NOT Dead!

    I noticed this tweet from Chuck Gose yesterday. It referenced an article on the New York Times website called Email: Press Delete. Every so often we all see these types of articles that make the cry email is dead! and suggest that we should look at the habits of the younger generation to see how we will communicate in the…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
    customer retail crm

    Using Social Networks for CRM

    According to Dr. Ivan Misner, the father of BNI, The best CRM application is the one you will use. This is a great way of saying that all the fancy CRM programs and features in the world will not make a difference if your software is too complex or no fun to use. For that reason, I know many people…

  • Search Marketing
    Depositphotos 7537438 s

    Three easy ways to start monitoring your brand online

    If you have been following social media trends at all, you’ve probably heard a lot about joining “the conversation” and how to participate. You may have also heard the warning: “people are talking about your company whether you are there or not”. This is absolutely true and is a great reason to jump into social media and start participating. If…

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