Maybe You’re Just Not Good at This


Every once in a while you're blessed by someone who takes the time to thank you after you do a speech. I joke with folks that tell me how great a session was by letting them know I've never been good at ballet. It always gets a chuckle, but there's a story behind it.

I actually do love to dance.

My Mom made me take tap and jazz lessons for most of my childhood. Luckily, I was able to hide that fact from most of my friends. I also went to school two towns over from the studio so I never had to worry about someone showing up to a recital and recognizing me in my sequin vest and patent leather tap shoes.

Shuffle, hop, step.

Back to the point. Some people simply aren't good at dancing. My son, for instance, has incredible rhythm. He plays a ton of instruments and mixes music that sounds incredible. But put him on a dance floor and he looks like he's a peacock with a sprained ankle having a seizure. (Sorry Bill, I still love you!) Lucky for all of us, including his wonderful girlfriend, he's really good at math. He's really, really good at math.


Ok… here's the point. Some people suck at Twitter, some suck at Facebook and even more suck at blogging. Stop trying to make them do what they aren't ever going to be good at. Some companies are in the same boat. They're not good at it… they're not ever going to be good at it. Quit trying to talk them into it. Let them continue doing what they're really good at.

I'm not good at ballet.

In fact, I've never tried ballet. And, lucky for me, you're not going to make me try it. If you suck at Twitter, invest your time elsewhere. If you suck at Facebook, stop clogging up people's walls with contests on what kind of zoo animal you look like. If you suck at blogging, go find someone that is good at it and have them write the content.

Skip, jump, et grand plié.

Maybe you're just not good at this social media stuff. It's okay, I'm sure you're great at something else. If you've given social media your best shot and you're not getting anywhere, go do that instead.

What do you think?

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