8 Strategies To Improve Your Sales Prospecting Effectiveness

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This evening, I was out on a bike ride with a colleague and between huffs and puffs we were discussing our sales routines for our businesses. We both absolutely agreed that the lack of discipline that we applied to our sales was inhibiting both of our companies. His software product attracts a specific industry and size, so he already knew who his prospect are. My business is smaller, but we’re highly focused on very specific key clients that can benefit from our reach on this site as well as our expertise in the industry. Sadly, both of us have target lists that have been collecting dust.

It’s not uncommon. Companies without an organized salesforce and accountable staff often put sales off until they’re desperate to make a sale. And that decision can lead to some terrible customer relationships and missed expectations between a client in need and a company that just needs the money.

One of the most important and initial steps in sales is prospecting – which is the process of qualifying the leads who has demonstrated the desire to make a purchase decision. This step is pivotal in closing deals and as such, must be executed on time and properly to ensure success. In fact, statistics says that the first viable vendor to reach a decision maker has a 74% chance to win the deal if they manage to set the buying vision. Garret Norris, Business Coaches Sydney

Business Coaches Sydney, an Australian consultancy with specialists in sales, marketing, and coaching, developed this comprehensive infographic, Ways To Prospect More Effectively, that lays out 8 strategies to increase your sales prospecting effectiveness:

  1. Follow a consistent schedule with daily time set aside each morning and a weekly schedule.
  2. Focus, focus, and focus on your plan’s execution.
  3. Implement different techniques and measure the results of each to determine where you’re getting the most impact.
  4. Create prospecting scripts and test different verbiage to see what’s most impactful. Always be actively listening to ensure your responses are on target with the conversation.
  5. Be a provider of great solutions by acknowledging the challenges and needs of your clients and providing them with solutions… then following through to ensure their success.
  6. Practice warm calling by connecting online before making the cold call offline so that you’re familiar when you reach out on the phone.
  7. Establish yourself as a thought leader by ensuring you have industry articles on authoritative sites and publications. This will provide prospects with a great impression as they research you as well as your company.
  8. Know that prospecting is not selling, it’s an opportunity to interact with leads, ensure they’re qualified, and initiate their journey through your sales funnel.

Great infographic that we’re going to implement immediately to increase our own sales prospecting effectiveness!

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